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Orhaniye Marmaris

Luxury Stone Villas With Private Eco-friendly Pools

Orhaniye is a beautiful Turkish village on the protected Bozburun Peninsula, near Marmaris, Turkey.  If you come to Orhaniye you will experience rural Turkish culture.

What is it like to stay in a Turkish village like Orhaniye?
 You will notice that everyone is friendly and will greet you with ‘Merhaba’ (Hello). The Kecibuku hamlet has a population of around 350, so you can be sure that everyone will know who you are or will work out where you are staying very quickly. As a stranger you are a guest in the community, so you may be given a gesture of welcome – perhaps an orange or a fig from a tree as you walk by.

There are the sounds of village life. If you are used to the rumble of cars and street life, you will instead get used to the call to prayer just before dawn and at intervals through the day from the village mosque.


We are having a GREAT time – FANTASTIC. Although this is our second visit we still marvel at how everything works, having stayed in a few villas around the world, as I am sure you have, you know what I mean. The kitchen for example is superb. ….Oh yes, and I suppose it is only a formality, we are having a FANTASTIC time – don’t plan on going anywhere else ever!
Jacquie and Mike

Villa Nurtan

At night time you may hear cockerels, dogs, the snuffle of a wild boar, the occasional gun shot as the men hunt at night for them or the music of a wedding celebration. At other times there is utter quiet – except for the sounds of frogs in the spring whilst the streams are running and the cicadas in high summer. 

During the day you are likely to see women working in the fields, or perhaps walking past carrying large bundles of firewood or animal feed on their backs. You may see goats trying to feed from our garden, chickens wandering through it, cows being walked up the hillside to fresher pastures, beehives lining the tracks into the hills. In late autumn the village is occupied with the olive harvest – either for curing at home or for taking over in bulk to Datca for pressing.


Well what can we say ... beautiful villa, wonderful location, great support team  - what else would you want?
Jane Howse

Villa Anni

Villa Nurtan and Villa Anni are the best luxury holiday villas with private pools in Orhaniye on the Bozburun Peninsula.

Choose any of these private holiday villas to  enjoy a perfect private villa holiday in Orhaniye on the unspoilt Bozburun Peninsula.

Each villa is unique, designed by our renowned Turkish architect and set in its own private grounds, five minutes walk from each other in an idyllic rural valley setting. In Orhaniye you can experience true rural Turkish hospitality during your private holiday whilst staying in a luxury holiday villa with private pool.

Villa Nurtan is a fabulous stone private villa set apart from all other local village houses in Orhaniye. Select this villa for your luxury Turkish villa holiday if you are looking for a private retreat away from the bustle of the modern world. You can swim in complete privacy so is a favourite with our guests who insist on privacy when on holiday in Turkey.

Villa Anni is set in the side of the valley called Kecibuku and has a totally private pool and private outside verandas as it is set above the quiet village lans that runs below it, so this villa is also popular with guests who insist on pool and holiday privacy.

Villa Anni also has wall to wall blinds in the 'inside veranda' so again guests can be completely private and not be seen when eating or sitting in this veranda. The first floor sun lounge is also completely private, and a perfect sun trap with spectacular views across the valley.

Villa Lale is a solid stone private villa that is set in its own private plot in the middle of a small valley, surrounded only by orange and lemon trees.
Villa Lale is completely unseen from the village lane that runs around this valley so this private stone villa is great for guests who want to experience rural Turkish life on their luxury holidays in Turkey without sacrificing home comforts.

Villa Lale is decorated in traditional Turkish style with ottoman sofas in the salon and all furniture is made in the village work shops. All the villas are individually designed by a renowned Turkish Architect to make the most of their rural settings, and all have air-conditioning throughout. You can relax in the garden or swim in privacy in the private pool. A Turkish pavilion by the pool is a favourite place to crash out when not swimming.

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Villa Anni was perfect and we really enjoyed it.  I thought the amount of care you and Ann have put into furnishing it shone through and makes the holiday even more enjoyable. Thanks and well done on achieving such beautiful villas in keeping with the surroundings. Loved the village and the people are so friendly and kind.
Sue and Gary

Villa Anni

Private Luxury Villa Nurtan | Sleeps 6/7
Luxury Villa Nurtan
Private Luxury Villa Lale | Sleeps 5/6
Luxury Villa Lale
Luxury Villa Anni | Sleeps 4/6
Luxury Villa Anni

We had a great time at Orhaniye and Villa Lale. The villa had everything we needed (even the toaster) and the skype phone was a particularly thoughtful and very useful accessory. The peace and tranquility that the villa provides is priceless.
Alan Pat and Peter
Villa Lale

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